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ONWARD_Page-104_Ch-5 by Sally-Ce

Your art is simply beautiful, the facial expressions are amazing and obviously well practiced! The shading is fabulous, I'm pretty jeal...



Screws X Melody by Neon-Tortoise
Screws X Melody
Mel is my OC from a zombie apocalypse, Screws belongs to my friend. Mel can control zombies for a short period of time and humans for a shorter time. Screws can become a zombie for a short time.

Weird I know right XD
NEXT GEN MLP OC by Neon-Tortoise
Sorry for the bad camera quality, it looks much better in real life. 

Name: Toxic Fumes
Age: 16 (in human years)
Sex: Female/ Mare
Likes: Racing/ running
Dislikes: Being sick/ being stuck inside
Mother: ???
Father: King Sombra (:o jsut read the bio)
Sister: None
Brother: None
Personality: Very kind/ extremely shy at first/ sweet to family/ very protective of friends and family
Bio: Born to an unknown mother and the dangerous King Sombra, her life was permanently in danger. When she was 4, her mother was taken prisoner, her father just chased away. The royal guards had taken her as a hostage to try and draw her father out. He never came. Growing up in a cell, she learned to fend for herself and she was used to being alone. She was also used to harassment, but only from other prisoners. When they finally let her out, she was unaccustomed to having other ponies around. She would be stared at and when anyone tried/tries to talk to her, she would look away and mutter multiple apologies. 

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You woke up on the couch, cuddled up to Sans. It was warm and comfortable and you didn't want to get up. Yawning, you tried to sleep once more, but it was too late.


You made a soft groaning noise and he smiled.

"Remember at the CarnaVeil when you said I won't be hit with any more spoons?"


"Well, I was hit with a spoon. a HOT SAUCE spoon, might I add."

"And?" You fixed the shirt Sans let you wear for the night, it was up way too high.

"And uh..." He sounded flustered, "And you have t-to pay the price for lying."

Out of realization, you put a hand over your chest. The shirt you were wearing was too big and  loose, he could probably see your cleavage. You felt your face get hot at the thought of that but it was probably true.

"Pervert.." Your whisper was too quiet for him to hear, but he had seen your lips move.


"I said... Pervert." You stuck your tongue out in a teasing way but you'd apparently hurt him.

He got up and shuffled away in his noisy slippers, towards the kitchen. You got up too, following the sound until you found him. You put a hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off. You tried it again, but lower on his arm. He threw your hand off and started to rummage around for something. Probably for coffee, or he wanted ketchup.

"Sans." You reluctantly reached for him again but drew your hand back before you had touched him.

He ignored you.

"Sans! Look, I'm sorry! I was joking with you." You tried to speak normally, but his actions had hurt you too.

"..." He didn't speak but you knew he wanted to.

"If hurting me makes you feel better then hurt me! I should be used to it by now." Oops.

"What? Have people been hurting you?" He turned and put his hands on your shoulders.

"It's not like you care! If I hadn't said that, you'd still be ignoring me!" You threw his hands off by grabbing them with your own hands.

You trembled when he spoke again, "So what if I have? You shouldn't care what I do! I'm just here to protect you {y/n}!"

"Sans..." Despair filled you for a moment, but anger took it's place quickly, "God dammit Sans! I care about what you do because I love you! If your here only to protect me, then don't talk to me- I'm just a distraction!"

He breathed in sharply, "If you love me then why'd you call me a pervert!? If you loved me you would be comforting me and making me feel good! What the fuck is your definition of love!?"

"I'm sorry! Look, I wanted to play around and joke but apparently you can't handle anything I say! Is me being blind too much for you? Do I have to be that pinky little perfect princess for you? Well, I'm not that type of person! I'm sorry that I'm such a fucking burden! I'm sorry ou have to drag me around and protect me and oh! I'm sorry that you have to hold my hand and hold me and take me to places that I've never been to! I'm sorry I ever started loving you, since you obviously don't feel the same way!" You took a breath, the screaming/yelling had started long ago, and so had the hatred.

Sans' temper was steadily starting to boil, and he was going to let it out.

"Well sorry, it's not like I'm the one who's lying about how I got blind in the first place!" You gasped. "Yeah, I knew! The moment you had said it I knew you where holding back. If you really trusted me, you'd tell me the fucking truth! What the hell DO you call love? Something you can shit on and still be forgiven? If that's what you think of it, then fuck you {y/n}! Get the hell out of my house!"

Tears welled out of your eyes as you screamed back, "Fine! I'll fucking leave but I'm not explaining any of this to Papyrus! He'll have to hear the story from his asshole brother that I love. Wait no... lovED. Yeah, we are done Sans. DONE!"

You ran back to the couch and grabbed your suitcase Toriel had gotten for when you moved. You took some clothes out of it and changed in the downstairs bathroom. After you'd finished, you angrily brushed your hair and pulled it into a ponytail. You opened the door and went back to your case. The coffee maker was on now, with a very angry and anguished Sans next to it. You couldn't tell if he was facing you, and you didn't care. Hands grabbed your shoulders again in Sans' last effort to say anything.

"{Y/n}, please, I'm sorry. I had a lot of pent-up anger and I just.. exploded."

"Yeah, right. You just wanted to yell at your girlfriend and finally get her out of your life. I knew I never should've trusted you with my heart! I should have known that this would happen again, so get your hands off me!"

"Again..?" He tried to pull you closer but you pushed him away.

"Get the fuck off of me! Get away!" You had pushed him hard enough so he stumbled, and you took the moment to run out the door.

Papyrus's voice sounded scared and worried, but you could barely hear it over the billowing snow, "SANS...WHAT HAPPENED.... SHE LEAVE?"

You couldn't hear Sans' reply but you ran, the path you were on led straight to somewhere you never should have left. Your case's wheel hit a rock and flipped over. You flipped it back over and ducked under a (no doubt) snow-covered tree branch. You slowed to a walk, if he'd caught up you would be ready to run again. You almost WANTED him to follow you, to apologize, so YOU could apologize. Shaking your head and wiping your tears away on your sweater sleeve.

When you reached your destination, you knocked on the door. You were still crying when the door opened. You let go of your suitcase's handle and opened your arms for a hug, one that you really needed.

"You're alright {y/n}.. You are home, my child." Toriel's touch didn't calm you down but it helped you to realize that you had messed up, right form the very start.
[UT] Sans X Blind Reader-- Part 10

Papyrus's TearsomgSans sadfuK


I made like three references to a song(Anna Blue- Silent Scream), I bet no one will notice. ;o;

Here are the song lyrics:

I'm caught up in your expectations
You try to make me live your dream
But I'm causing you so much frustration
And you only want the best for me

You're wanting me to show more interest
To always keep a big bright smile
Be that pinky little perfect princess
But I'm not that type of child

And the storm is rising inside of me
Dont you feel that our worlds collide?
It's getting harder to breathe
It hurts deep inside

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away___

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out____
The silent scream

Tell me why you're putting pressure on me
And every day you cause me harm
That's the reason why I feel so lonely
Even though you hold me in your arms

Wanna put me in a box of glitter
But I'm just trying to get right out
And now you're feeling so so bitter
Because I've let you down

And the storm is rising inside of me
Dont you feel that our worlds collide?
It's getting harder to breathe
It hurts deep inside

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away___

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out
The silent scream

Can't you see
How I cry for help
Сause you should love me
Just for being myself

I'll drown in an ocean
Of pain and emotion
If you don't
Save me right away____

Just let me be
Who I am
It's what you really need to understand
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away

And it's torturing me
But I can't break free
So I cry and cry but just won't get it out
The silent scream

My silent scream
It was hours, days maybe, before you woke up again. It smelt like rubbing alcohol and rubber gloves. Doctor's office? Hospital? You tried to listen for any voices, but there was none. You pushed yourself up so you could sit, even though your body screamed in pain. Once you got comfortable, you lay your hands in your lap. You waited for a while, just about ready to scream, the silence was deafening.

A soft snore reached your ears, nearly surprising you. You immediately knew who was the source of the snores, so you called their name.

"Sans.." Your voice was slightly hoarse, but you shrugged it off.

"Hmm, what?" His voice sounded like he'd been crying for... days.

"Sans." You said his name again, a little louder this time.

No reply.

"Sans!" You didn't scream it, but you were about to.

"Wha-- {y/n}? You're awake!" He sounded so happy, it made your heart melt.

Hearing him shuffle over, you smiled. His warm arms enveloped you, and you could hear him start to cry again.

"Shhh, Sans I'm okay. I'll be okay." You put a hand on his arm as he gently rocked you.

"I thought I lost you.."

"Well you didn't. And you never will." You felt him smile.


After a lot of crying and hugging, Alphys said you could go home. Sans refused to let you do so and said you were staying with him and Papyrus. Toriel was upset but she agreed, she was  getting kind of old and slow.

You were still tired when you'd arrived back at their house. The warmth made you sleepier but Alphys had said not to let you sleep for an hour or two, depending on your grumpiness. So far, you haven't felt grumpy at all. You sat on the couch and sighed, you were going to enjoy being here.

Papryus was making spaghetti in the kitchen, so Sans came over to sit with you. He'd become very protective since Alphys gave you the okay to leave. He wrapped an arm around your waist and you covered his hand with yours. You'd both gotten closer since the incident too, but Sans was getting good at making you blush. He nipped your neck and chuckled when you made a small squeak. Right there on the couch, he ran his fingertips along your thigh, making you shiver. He nipped your neck again and smiled, he was enjoying this too much. At that moment, Papyrus came out of the kitchen and stomped over. A THWACK sound came from where Sans was and his touch was gone. Papyrus made a weird groan-sigh noise and you giggled. Sans had gotten hit with another spoon.

After Paps had stormed away, you kissed Sans' cheek. You love him, and nothing would get in your way. Some call it defiance, others call it determination.
[UT] Sans X Blind Reader-- Part 9
I've gotta say this....

I was about to change it to fluff and I was like NUUU THIS IS PERF

Undertale sans icon i did in 50 secondsSpeech Bubble Blue Transparent hUE HUE HUE
Virgin Papyrus - Chat icon - 50x50Speech Bubble Rainbow Left Side oN THE COUCH, SANS? REALLY!?
Hey, I'm in a crappy mood and I don't know what to do. I need help and a friend to lean on, I promise you that I will be here for you if you need me. Here's some insight to what's been going through my head that's making me so upset...

i am worthless. My first boyfriend was with me a year and left me like I was a piece of shit (sorry for my language), my second left me for someone else, my third was never there for me so I left, the forth cheated on me and said that he just had a big heart and wanted to make all the pretty girls happy(then why the fuck wasn't i happy?). Recently I was rejected by the boy I like, right after he told me that he liked me back. He said there was someone else and that he'd known them a long time, though I have known him for three years, and he's known her for a month. He said that he was really in love with her and that I budded in, nearly ruining everything. I ended up breaking down in the middle of math class and no one noticed. He didn't even look over at me, and that hurt me more. Having dealt with depression for two fucking years has left a lot on my plate, and the rejection was too much. After that, not even two weeks later, he said he was dating that girl and that they were very happy. It's like he was rubbing it in my face. We eventually got closer as friends and now, whenever I'm upset or feeling s-u-i-c-i-d-a-l, he holds my hand or hugs me. He even kissed my forehead. He leaves me lost and confused, isn't he in love with someone else? Today, the last day of school, everyone had left and we were literally the last two student left. A teacher left us in a classroom and I turned to him. I was having a panic attack, and he could see it. He hugged me tightly and whispered that it would be okay. He kissed my forehead again and when I had calmed down a bit I barely managed to tell him, "i love you". Want to know his reply? "I love you too". Having been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, he must feel pity for me. He often puts a hand on my arm when I have a coughing fit or have trouble breathing. I ended up breaking down three times today, twice in front of my friends and once in front of him. He then later said he left bad because i was crying and that he was sorry. I told him not to be and that he should be happy with the girl he really loves. Taylor. Yeah, that's her name. Want to know his? Donovan. Just thinking of him hurts me. Literally. i have recently been diagnosed with Broken Heart syndrome, and yes, it is a real thing. I've also been used, emotionally, physically and just for fun. I have also been raped 4 times, once in 2006, 2009, and twice over the summer of 2015. Yes, I may be 14 but I know pain, I know fear, and I know depression and loneliness and paranoia. I've been called a survivor, but I'm barely surviving, so how does that work?


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Cassia | Female | 14
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Heyo! .3. I'm Cass, I love to draw, write, roleplay and read! I'm going to upload more art soon(when i get my phone back blegh.) and there might even be a comic! ;) I'm eager to meet new people from around the world and erm... yeah.

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