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Your art is simply beautiful, the facial expressions are amazing and obviously well practiced! The shading is fabulous, I'm pretty jeal...



   The sun lit up the sleeping world, waking up the dark city of Never, Calamity. People walked to their mailboxes to get the paper with coffee in hand, streetlamps turned off, dogs barked and babies cried.

One house remained dark on Fall St., number 736. The white house remained quiet and the blue shutters stayed closed. No one stirred for a number of minutes. Until she awoke.

Her dark brown hair was a mess and her XL shirt sticking to her back and stomach. She swung her feet over the side of her bed and shuffled out of her room and down the hall to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment and made a disgusted face, she was so fat. She then showered for 16 minutes and came back out in a towel. Her gray eyes were open now, searching her closet for the clothes she wanted to wear.

She pulled out a gray sweater that read "Screw your opinion!" and a pair of shorts. After pulling them both on over her underwear pieces, she left her room and skipped down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen, hesitating by the cupboard. Should she eat? It's been over a week and she's been getting hunger pains for about 5 days.

"Nah." She shrugged and left the kitchen.

By now, Her mother and little brother are awake and coming down the stairs. Kyler rubbed his eyes and walked into the kitchen to get cereal. Her mother kissed her forehead and went into the kitchen to help 5 year old Ky. Rubbing her forehead, she walked out the front door and opening it, left. She didn't look back as she walked away towards her school, binder in hand. She silently made her way down the street and listened to the cars that drove by.


It seemed like so long ago that this had happened. Yet it had only been 3 days since the explosion at the chemical plant. People began to choke and mutate, slowly dying. She'd been  lucky to have survived. If she hadn't fallen down the hole in the woods next to her house she would have died-- or lived miserably.  

She now lived underground with monsters. They weren't mutants either, they were born- or made- that way. So far she'd only met Toriel, a goat human hybrid. She was kind and motherly, not even mentioning fluffy. She was eager to meet new monsters but she was also terrified, would they try to kill her like the flower did?
Underlypse {Chapter 1}
I made my own AU of Undertale-- Underlypse. It's post-apocalyptic  and radioation/chemicals and all of that fun stuff. Frisk Dance Emoticon 

Please do not steal this, I came up with this. :)
Working together with my friend Koranna Nightmare Yay! Eddsworld (expect sin)
Screws X Melody
Mel is my OC from a zombie apocalypse, Screws belongs to my friend. Mel can control zombies for a short period of time and humans for a shorter time. Screws can become a zombie for a short time.

Weird I know right XD
Working together with my friend Koranna Nightmare Yay! Eddsworld (expect sin)


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Sedasia | Female | 15
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello, I'm Sedasia, please call me Sid! I'm a HUGE roleplayer, writer ad gamer. I'm here for you guys!

Requests(Art & Literature): OPEN


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